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Mohr Fitness

Modern medical research believes that many parts of the ear have a physiological internal connection with the internal organs of the human body and are regarded as “reduced body shapes.”

Regular ear massage can enhance hearing and clear your mind.

  Molar method: step into the ear hole with both palms, and then release suddenly, do several times in a row; then use your thumb and index finger to massage 20 times from top to bottom (the thumb is behind the auricle and the index finger is front)Massage the earlobe 30 times in the same way, taking the degree of fever in the ear as the degree.

  ”Ming Tiangu” method: Simultaneously or in conjunction with the “Ming Tiangu” exercise, which often inflates the ear canal and vibrates the eardrum.

Tighten both ears with the palms of both hands, insert the five fingers into the back of the brain, and then tap the back of the brain dozens of times with the middle three fingers of both hands;Dozens of times, then both palms through the ear hole, and then suddenly released, open and close for a period of time.

When doing “Ming Tiangu”, you must close your eyes and keep your mind up and down from light to heavy.

As long as you persist in doing it, you can get strong energy, refresh your brain, and develop ear diseases.