“Is this related to the mine??”Wu Youfu asked alertly。

Peng Changyi said:“Since family members have identified,Their relatives work in the mine,If so,We must strengthen the management and rectification of mine security,Do the code clearly,Register these miners,It won’t happen in the future。”
Wu Youfu sank his face,Said:“I’ll talk about this later,Let’s talk about this problem first。Secretary Zhai also talked about the nameless corpse just now,Already listed on the internal reference,Any of you know this?”
Peng Changyi look at Kang Bin,Kang Bin looked at Peng Changyi and said:“I do not know。”
Peng Changyi said:“I do not know either,We can’t see the internal reference at this level。”
Wu Youfu thought for a while to say:“such,Let’s open a standing committee at two o’clock in the afternoon,Research it,Secretary Kang,Let the petition office go to Jin’an to pick up people。I’m so weird,What charter is this,The petitioner is from Sichuan,Why let me pick it up?How did those people go to Jinan?”
Peng Changyi ignored his questions,Just say:“If that’s the case,The people I took away just now shouldn’t be locked up。”
Wu Youfu glanced at him,No words,Picked up the phone again,Don’t know who it is for,Said:“You come to me right away。”Then he told Peng Changyi and Kang Bin:“So be it。”
It is clear,Is giving them an eviction order。
Peng Changyi and Kang Bin went out,Kang Bin said:“County Magistrate Peng,Come sit in my office?”
Peng Changyi looked at him,Said with a pun:“not going,You should hurry up and do this。”
Kang Bin nodded,Nothing more。
Peng Changyi returned to the office,Call Chu Xiaoqiang immediately,Ask where he is?Chu Xiaoqiang said he just got out of the game。Peng Changyi said:“Are these people coming from Gao Dafeng’s family??”
Chu Xiaoqiang was taken aback,Said:“Is anyone talking??”
“No,I’m asking you。”
Chu Xiaoqiang said:“Anyway, they are all from Sichuan,Don’t ask about the specific situation,Still don’t know。”