“Where is your boss?”

Qin Liang asked coldly。
“What boss?We are the bar here,Where is the boss?”
One of the beaters made a calm answer。
Qin Liang took it easy,Knocked this kid upside down with the butt,Fell to the ground and passed out。
“Where is your boss?”
Qin Liang turned his face to look at the other kid and asked。
“we……Manager is in……Drinking with friends……”
The other kid looked at Qin Liang who was expressionless,Look at Yang Zhi who is standing behind him with a machine gun-like weapon,Answer with a guilty conscience。
“take me to。”
Qin Liang doesn’t talk nonsense with him,Direct the gun against his chest and push forward,That kid’s legs are soft,Stumbled around and walked into the bar。
Lots of people in the bar,I saw Qin Liang coming in with a gun against a person,A large group of heavily armed soldiers followed,All of a sudden,The noise immediately stopped slowly。
A large number of police also rushed into the bar,This time,There was silence in the bar with hundreds of people,There is no sound at all。
Four people sitting around a table inside the bar,There are really a few bodyguards around,now,They seem to have noticed something wrong in the bar,Began to look around。
In a blink of an eye, Qin Liang used the gun against the little thug and walked to the table.,The funny thing is,The bodyguards who stood by the table halfway,I really take myself seriously,They greeted everyone,In front of Qin Liang。
“Get out!”
Qin Liang said coldly。