“Look,Just catch two goddesses!”

Murong Shan proudly said,Everyone laughed at once。
“you win!Ha ha……No one of us can stand up against you!”
Qin Liang nodded and said。
“Yeah,its not right……Why do I feel that there are still several goddesses in our house who are not there??”
Murong Shan scanned the surrounding area once,Suddenly asked strangely。
“amount……Oh,correct!Yang Shiyun and Xiaoxue,Xiaoyun is not there!Yang Zhi,Go and find us the three goddesses!”
Qin Liang casually ordered。
Yang Zhi immediately stood up and ran out,Naturally, no one can snatch Shen Ruoxue from him!So when Qin Liang said he was going to find Shen Ruoxue and others,No one in the hall moved,Didn’t answer。
Yang Zhi soon found Shen Ruoxue in a room next door,Liu Xiaoyun and Yang Shiyun,But what surprised him was;The three girls are actually asleep!And the kind that sleeps soundly!
Yang Zhi hesitated for a moment,And exited the room lightly,Then close the door gently……
Seeing Yang Zhi coming back alone,Qin Liang’s surprised question。
“Boss……The three of them are sleeping soundly in the next room,I’m not ashamed to wake them up……”
Yang Zhi tangled up。
“what?Isn’t it?Why are you still asleep??I gonna go see。”
Qin Liang stood up and left。
“We go together。”
Shen Ruoxi joined in the fun and said,Then Hulala stood up with a bunch of people!What I know is to see the three goddesses sleeping,People who don’t know thought they were going out to fight wolves in gangs!