“Get out of here!”

Shen Ruoxi was shocked for a moment,Immediately kicked Qin Liang from annoyance!Fortunately, Qin Liang was prepared,Avoid it in a flash,The girls around immediately all laughed awkwardly……
“Just been serious for a while,Revealed again,The wolf’s tail is sticking out again, right?!”
Shen Ruoxi gritted her teeth and said。
“Look at,I’ll speak seriously,You all said awkward,Not used to,I’m talking nonsense with your hippie smiles,You all despise me,So what do you want from me??Can you leave a way to survive??”
Qin Liang started to protest。
“Do you have to go to two extremes?Can’t you stop in the middle??”
Shen Ruoxi came back。
“I can’t grasp the scale,Or teach me when you sleep at night?”
Qin Liang said with a smirk。
Shen Ruoxi kicked over again,Qin Liang avoided again……
“I said,Let’s go eat first, okay,Wait until full,You two have the strength to pinch each other,Wait until you two close the door,You teach him,He taught you,Anyway, the night is long,Enough time,I promise that none of us will bother you two。”