[How to use jelly to make jelly]_How to make_Methods

[How to use jelly to make jelly]_How to make_Methods

There can be many materials made of jelly.

His production process is complex and complicated, not complicated or complicated, simple or simple. Most of the jelly is made of curd. He is more flexible., And the taste is not bad, the mouth is smooth, if there is no curd, we can use jelly to make jelly, but most people do n’t know how to do it, then, how to use jelly to make jellyHow about it?

Make jelly with QQ sugar, super simple material: three packets of QQ sugar, a milk pan, cut your favorite fruit into dices.

Let’s do it.

Put the water into the milk pan and boil it. The water is about 200 ml. After it is opened, put the QQ sugar in it and cook it. Stir it over a small fire until the QQ sugar is completely dissolved. Use chopsticks to take a look.Yes, pour it into a container (preferably with a mold) and let it cool down, then put it into your favorite diced fruit, then put it in the refrigerator to freeze, you can eat and eat in 1-2 hours.

By the way, use a larger bowl to fill the hot water before eating, and shake the container with jelly in the hot water, so that it will be easy to pull out the plate.

DIY jelly ingredients: QQ sugar (the quantity determines the softness and hardness of the jelly!

Fresh oranges, drink your favorite fruit and cut it into small pieces: pour the orange juice into a small pot, heat it into QQ sugar, stir until the QQ sugar is dissolved, and then pour the juice from the pot into a small container and put the fruitPut the small particles in the container, then put the container in the refrigerator and freeze for half an hour to an hour!

Take it out from half an hour to an hour. After taking it out, pour it into a small plate and you can eat delicious homemade jelly!

The jelly you make is preservative-free and delicious. Let’s try it for yourself!

Milk jelly[Materials]milk, a bag of marshmallow, fruit[method]1. Pour the milk into the pot and heat it. Then pour the marshmallow into the pot and stir and melt.After 5 or 3 hours, take out the ice cream cheese from the refrigerator!

Features: The prepared ice cream cheese is like jelly, crystal clear, and it feels like jelly in the mouth, slightly sweet, smooth and very delicious.